What Is A Machine Learning Engineer Salary and Career Opportunities 2022

Machine learning engineer salary as a discussion has become pertinent in modern day career circles. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are no longer up-and-coming trends, they are now mainstream. Almost every company hiring techies has a department for AI where they hire data scientists and machine learning engineers to build autonomous systems to further the company’s goal.

While “Machine Learning Engineer” sounds like a cool job title, it’s important to note if it has a befitting salary to match. A cool job title doesn’t pay the bills; the most rewarding jobs in tech are always voted the best since better pay always equals better job satisfaction.

In this article, you’ll learn about the salaries of machine learning engineers, both for the United States in general and for individual states too. In addition to that, I’ll also outline some of the highest-paying companies for machine learning to help you set your goals better.

machine learning engineer salary

Machine Learning Engineer Salary

Different companies use machine learning engineers in different ways; while some work directly with the artificial intelligence team, a handful of companies have dedicated machine learning departments. Either way, you’ll have to supervise or work on many projects relating to artificial intelligence and machine learning, as indicated in your job description.

Depending on the seniority of your role, the salary of the average machine learning engineer can range from $88,000, which is the lowest, up to $195,000 for the highest-paid. However, the national average is somewhere around $131,001, according to an analysis of over 2,400 salaries by Glassdoor.

Compared to the average salary of $51,000 across all industries, machine learning sounds very rewarding. However, earning anywhere around the top earners will require intensive education and verifiable experience building mainstream AI projects.

Another advantage of pursuing machine learning as a career is the sheer availability of jobs. At the moment, almost every mainstream tech company in the United States uses machine learning engineers in some way. If you could secure entry into any of these companies, you’d be earning some of the highest salaries for any professional in the US.

Highest Paying Companies for Machine Learning Engineers

Frankly, the amount of money you make as a machine learning engineer depends on what company you’re working for. While big tech companies pay outrageous amounts to their engineers at all levels, the reverse might be the case if you’re working for a less popular and underfunded company.

To understand where you should focus most of your time, I’ll outline some of the companies that pay machine learning engineers the most and how much they pay. Here are some of the highest-paying companies for machine learning engineers in the US and across the world.

  •  Apple

Apple is constantly in need of the best minds in tech and artificial intelligence to further its research efforts to cement its place as a leader in tech. To further this goal, Apple is offering about $174,753 average base pay to machine learning engineers to come work at the company.

In addition to that, many workers reported getting additional pay that may be as much as $17,000, which brings the average pay to nearly $193,000. With more experience at this company, you can level up to a senior machine learning engineer earning up to $272,690 annually.

  • Uber

While Uber doesn’t hire as many machine learning engineers as Apple, the few it hires earn some of the best salaries in the industry. The average base salary for a machine learning engineer at Uber is pegged at $159,277 by Glassdoor, excluding the reported additional pay, which averages $21,519.

In addition to the salary, Uber machine learning engineers can also access numerous other benefits, including, but not limited to mobile phone discounts and employee discounts. Since I don’t know a person who doesn’t use Uber, the employee discounts will come in handy.

  •  Google

Google is known for its large employee base, with machine learning engineers making the list of the big earners at the company. It can be argued that the company is the single biggest investor in machine learning worldwide, evidenced by its numerous AI and ML projects.

Machine learning engineers at Google typically earn about $145,442 according to Glassdoor, with many other side benefits. In addition to the best-in-class stock and cash bonuses, you also have health insurance and a 401(k) plan when you work at Google.

​Highest Paying States for Machine Learning Engineers

While your potential earnings as a machine learning engineer depend mostly on what company you work for, the highest paying companies tend to be converged at specific states. It’s only natural that these states are seen as the highest paying states for machine learning engineering jobs.

Here are some of the top states in the US where you get a higher chance of getting high-paying machine learning jobs

  • New York

New York is popular for some of the highest-paying tech jobs with the catch of an insanely high cost of living. If you don’t mind paying for the crazy-high rent, gas, and other necessary items from your $150,000 average annual salary.

However, moving to this state would be unnecessary for any machine learning engineer, as there are so many remote machine learning jobs out there. In short, you can simply work from wherever you are by actively seeking jobs marked “remote.”

  •   California

California is blessed with numerous companies hiring machine learning engineers, making it one of the best states to live in as a professional. Depending on what part of California you’re staying in, your salary can range anywhere from $140,000 to $160,000.

You should note, however, that either of these salaries is better than the average for machine learning engineers. If possible, trying to get remote jobs that pay almost as much as on-site jobs will help you save a lot on commuting and relocation.

machine learning engineer salary


Machine learning engineers are essential for the next generation of technology which will be largely supported by AI. However, machine learning engineers need compensation to work, and a hefty salary is one of the best ways to compensate them.

If you’re aspiring to pursue machine learning engineering as a career, you may want to know your salary prospects. This article has compiled the average salary for machine learning engineers in the United States and how to beat the average.

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