What Is An Enterprise Architect Salary and Career Opportunities 2022

Enterprise architect salary interestingly raises brows in today financial market. Let’s face it: most people work to make a living. If a profession doesn’t promise an impressive salary to potential aspirants, it would lose all of its marketability and no one would want to pursue it as a career. So, how rewarding is enterprise architecture as a career?

Enterprise architecture is a job title that recently became popular, thanks to companies’ need for informed strategies to tackle whatever their competitors offer. The average enterprise architect would be required to work around the clock to complete their tasks, warranting them an impressive paycheck.

In this article, you’ll learn if enterprise architects are indeed well compensated for their efforts in an organization. Also, I’ll show you some of the top companies hiring enterprise architects and the average salary you should expect while working for any of the top companies.

enterprise architect salary

Enterprise Architect Salary

Just like most other jobs in IT, the average enterprise architect makes a better paycheck than the majority of professionals in the United States. If you’ll want the average pay for an enterprise architect in precise numbers, this section will show you exactly how much they make hourly, monthly, and yearly.

As estimated back in 2020, around 40% of organizations hire enterprise architects in some form. While their job title may not read “enterprise architecture,” their job description usually matches that of an architect. However, this article will only talk about enterprise architects with the title in their job description.

According to Glassdoor, the average enterprise architect makes around $152,925 annually in the United States, placing it comfortably among the best professions for the past year. This average was calculated using over 2,500 salaries from real-world enterprise architects across the United States.

While this average does a decent job of depicting the attractive remunerations for enterprise architects, it’s still a flawed way to set a salary expectation. For one, it doesn’t account for the variations in salaries between the different states in the United States, which is usually high, especially with the cost of living put into account.

If you’d like to make the most of your enterprise architecture career, you may want to find out the states with the highest-paying enterprise architecture jobs. Also, it’s advisable to consider the average cost of living in these states to decide if moving to another state for a better-paying job is worthwhile.

In the following sections, we’ll list some of the states with the highest-paying enterprise architecture jobs. Also, I’ll outline some of the top companies hiring enterprise architects and how much they pay to help you set reasonable expectations after completing your education.

States with the Highest-paying Enterprise Architecture Jobs

Like many other IT jobs in the US, there’s a great variation between the salaries of professionals in this career, depending on where you live. While the average national salary stays at a consistent $150,000, you can earn up to $27,000 more by moving to a state with better-paying jobs.

However, it’s important to note that some of these states have outrageous costs of living. If you move to another state without accounting for this factor, you may end up with lesser savings, even after getting a better-paying job.

With that said, here are some of the states with the highest-paying enterprise architecture jobs in the United States.

  • New York

New York is reputed as one of the best destinations for tech jobs in the United States, thanks to the abundance of reputable companies in the state. Not only is there a wider opportunity for jobs, but enterprise architects also tend to earn far higher while working in New York.

The average salary for an enterprise architect in New York is $177,040, which is about $25,000 higher than the national average. This comes down to a weekly average of $3,405 and an hourly wage of $85.

Before moving to New York for better pay, you should note that it’s considered the most expensive place to live in the United States. When you calculate carefully, you’ll notice that the percentage increase in the salary for New York professionals isn’t worth leaving your current job.

  •  California

It’s no secret that there are many tech firms with headquarters in California, making it likely to get better-paying enterprise architecture jobs in the state. While you’ll generally get higher-paying jobs in New York, the difference is negligible, especially when you’re looking at the hourly pay.

The average Californian enterprise architect earns around $84 hourly, which amounts to around $174,703 annually. Compared to the national average of $152,925, the Californian wage is easily more attractive to the average person.

However, California is also reputed for being a relatively expensive place to live. It regularly swaps places with New York as being the US state with the highest cost of living, and Hawaii is the only real competitor. Thus, you may want to think twice before moving to California.

  •  Massachusetts

Massachusetts is the third most expensive place to live in the United States and is also coincidentally the state where enterprise architects earn one of the highest salaries. When living in this state, you should only expect an annual salary of around $170,000, which is comfortably higher than the national average.

However, it’s also important to note that the cost of renting a home in Massachusetts is 70% higher than that of the average state in the US. If you’re not prepared to spend the majority of your salary on your basic needs, you may want to find a job somewhere else.

enterprise architect salary


Enterprise architecture is a relatively high-paying job, as evidenced by the $152,925 salary average by Glassdoor. However, you should note that there are high variations between the average salaries of professionals in this career across different US states

While you may want to move to another state with companies that pay higher, there’s a direct correlation between higher salaries and higher costs of living for enterprise architects. Therefore, you may want to grab a calculator before making any seriously impactful decision.

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